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Impression is something that is felt and thought after seeing or hearing something, while message is advice, request, or mandate conveyed through other people. These two things are still very important for us as imperfect human beings. Although it is impossible to achieve perfection, humans should be able to improve it for the better in the future. Starting in 2011 until now in 2021, the author has been an employee at SMK Negeri Tempursari - Lumajang for a decade and has not yet received input from students. It was only during this year of the Corona pandemic that there was free time to write and finish the book "Our Impressions of 2021" Due to the pandemic, learning cannot be maximized so it must be through handphones or other supporting media. One time there was limited face-to-face learning and could meet directly between the author and his students. How happy we were to interact directly, but the meeting time with class XII was only for a short time and that time was enough to make memories that might not be forgotten. The impressions and messages conveyed by them motivate the writers to continue to carry out the attitudes, methods and methods used in imparting knowledge to their students. One of their impressions of the writer is a joke that is delivered while in the middle of learning. Hopefully the impressions and messages contained in this book can also provide input and motivation for the readers who will read this work. Thank you to all who have supported the author to continue working again.